Monday, March 4, 2013

Captivape - Preface

Much like the rest of the vaping community, I have had a difficult time finding juice I can not only tolerate, but enjoy enough so that I can actually finish off one of these damn bottles entirely. I have a huge ziplock bag of juice that did not meet this criteria in my freezer, which is also doubling as my reserve for when the inevitable dry spell hits in the wake of an FDA crackdown on regulating everything ecig-related.

Several hundred dollars and tens of vendors later, I have uncovered a select few flavors that I enjoy so much that they made me audibly exclaim "Oh my!" to myself upon initial testing. One of which is Key Lime Pie from our friends at Captivape, makers of the elegant and highly-coveted BDS90 drip tip. I had heard of them on Reddit before they even had a site up, but being an adventurous sort, I contacted them via email about getting one of these tips and we exchanged money for goods in a back-alley sort of way as they had no official commerce portal then, and a few days later I received my weird, curvy stainless steel tip. Included in the package were a couple unsolicited sample flavors, Key Lime Pie and Unicorn's Blood. I put them in a couple freshly cleaned out Kanger T3s, tested them for a bit, went "meh," drawered them, and went back to the Wheel-O-Juice game I was playing with Mt. Baker Vapor. I'll come back to MBV in another review. Reddit loves acronyms, btw.

You know you want it.

I did initially like Key Lime Pie, very much so in fact. The problem was that I was stuck in a mindset of "must get juice from designated juice vendors," and at the time, Captivape was nothing more than some dude on Reddit that makes this weird-ass piece of hardware that everyone seemed to want, so I had a bit of a mental barrier. It turned out that this couldn't be further from the truth. Captivape has become one of my trusted vendors, and not only followed up my initial order with a phone call to make sure I was taken care of properly, but they later remedied a shipping problem by almost doubling the amount of juice I had originally ordered for free. And they have a bitchin' website to boot. I can't recommend them highly enough.

All of the flavors tested in all of my reviews will be 12 mg nicotine, unless otherwise specified. I used to smoke light cigarettes (Kamel Red Lights, woo!), and found that this nicotine strength closely resembles those. Higher gave me a nicotine rush and a headache, and with lower I found myself taking longer drags and ultimately being unsatisfied.

I actually had one more, Pirate's Blood, but I didn't get much a chance to try it out so I don't feel I can give it an honest review. It was another tropical, pineapple flavor and I liked it much more than the Unicorn's Blood variety. I don't think this one had any coconut going on, so that's probably why. If it's particularly noteworthy I'll mention it next time.


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